writing e-services

(copywriting _ editing & proofreading)

I work with clients via email 

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  • I use the contemporary trend for Plain English while keeping to professional terminology, 

  • am sensitive to your own voice, writing energy, and brand

  • assure content confidentiality,

  • commit to deadlines (within reason)

FROM 2019 _ Associate member of SAFREA (Southern African Freelancers' Association)

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online copywriting

2014 - present

QUALIFICATION 2020 _ Digital Marketing

online course

(University of Cape Town in collaboration with Getsmarter.com)


QUALIFICATION 2019 _ Copywriting for Online Marketing

online course

(University of Cape Town in collaboration with Getsmarter.com)

I research and create copywriting content in most fields

  • catalogues

  • brochures 

  • formal presentations

  • PowerPoint presentations

research and create online content 


  • content research and copywriting

  • content proofreading

  • website 'look and feel' suggestions 



  • content copywriting

  • image research


assist in creating and developing your online presence

  • website 'look and feel' 

  • website viewer usability 

  • social media decisions and strategy

  • for individuals and small businesses

examples of my work


  • creator of most written content

  • curator of online exhibitions

  • Instagram content

The Printing Girls

  • copywriter for and design of website

  • copywriter for newsletter

Gwenneth Miller

  • assisted in website design

Falcor Accountancy Services

  • assisted in website 'look and feel'

proofreading _ editing

2008 - present


QUALIFICATION 2008 _ editing certificate


I am a language editor/proofreader


  • special rates

  • for academic editing, at all times I respect the relationship between the candidate and his/her supervisor


proofreading and editing for the visual arts​

  • academic papers at all levels 

  • articles

  • paper content for presentations

  • catalogue essays (including research)

  • artists' statements and biographies

  • website content

  • blogs​


proofreading and editing for other fields

  • academic papers at all levels

  • textbooks and tutorial content

  • paper content for presentations

  • business writings

  • medical writings

  • blogs

  • PowerPoint presentations

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